1. 111

    विश्वमूर्तिर्महामूर्तिर्दीप्तमूर्तिरमूर्तिमान् । अनेकमूर्तिरव्यक्तः शतमूर्तिः शताननः ॥ ७७॥

    722. Visvamurtih: He Who has the Universe as His body. 723. Mahamurtih: He of Immense form. 724. Diptamurtih: He with a shining form. 725. Amurtiman: He Who has no fixed Forms. 726. Anekamurtaye: He of many forms. 727. Avyaktaha: He Who cannot be easily realized. 728. Satamurtisa: He with a hundred forms. 729. satanana: He Who is many-faced.

  2. 112

    एको नैकः सवः कः किं यत् तत्पदमनुत्तमम् । लोकबन्धुर्लोकनाथो माधवो भक्तवत्सलः ॥ ७८॥

    730. Ekah: One Who is Unique and matchless in all respects. 731. Naikah: He Who is not One only. 732. Sah: He Who spreads knowledge. 733. Vah: The Dweller. 734. Kah: He Who shines. 735. Kim: He Whose praise is sung by His devotees, 736. Yat: That Which already exists. 737. Tat: He Who increases the kirti of His devotees. 738. Padam anuttamam: The Supreme Goal. 739. Loka-bandhuh: One to Whom everything is bound since He is their Support. 740. Loka-nathah: The Protector of the world. 741. Madhavah: The Consort of Lakshmi. 742. Bhakta-vatsalah: Affectionate towards the devotees

  3. 113

    सुवर्णवर्णो हेमाङ्गो वराङ्गश्चन्दनाङ्गदी । वीरहा विषमः शून्यो घृताशीरचलश्चलः ॥ ७९॥

    743. Suvarna-varnah: The golden-hued. 744. Hema’ngah: He of golden-hued limbs. 745. Vara’ngah: He Who displayed His Divine Form to Devaki in response to her prayers. 746. Candana’ngadi: He Who is adorned with delightful armlets. 747. Viraha: The Slayer of the strong demons. 748. Vishamah: He Who destroyed the effect of the poison that was consumed by Rudra during the churning of the Milk Ocean. 749. Sunyah: He Who is without any attributes. 750. Ghrtasih: He Who sprinkles the world with prosperity. 751. A-chalah: He Who is unshakable against His enemies. 752. Chalah: He Who moves.

  4. 114

    अमानी मानदो मान्यो लोकस्वामी त्रिलोकधृक् । सुमेधा मेधजो धन्यः सत्यमेधा धराधरः ॥ ८०॥

    753. A-mani: He Who is not proud. 754. Mana-dah: He who honors others. 755. Manyah: The Object of honor. 756. Loka-svamI: The Master of the Universe. 757. Tri-loka-dhrt: He who supports the three worlds. 758. Su-medhah: He who has good intentions. 759. Medha-jah: He who was born as a result of a sacrifice. 760. Dhanyah: The Blessed. 761. Satya-medhah: He of true thoughts. 762. Dharadharah: He Who supports the Earth.

  5. 115

    तेजोवृषो द्युतिधरः सर्वशस्त्रभृतां वरः । प्रग्रहो निग्रहो व्यग्रो नैकश‍ृङ्गो गदाग्रजः ॥ ८१॥

    763. Tejo-vrshah: He Who showers His splendor on His devotees in the form of His protection. 764. Dyuti-dharah: He Who is like a majesty. 765. Sarva-Sastra-bhrtam-varah: The Best among those warriors who are armed with all weapons. 766. Pragrahah: The Controller. 767. Nigrahah: He Who has firm control over all creation. 768. Vyagrah: He Who has no end. 769. naika-sr’ngah: He Who has many rays of effulgence radiating from Him. 770. gadagrajah: The elder brother of gada.