1. 66

    भूतभव्यभवन्नाथः पवनः पावनोऽनलः । कामहा कामकृत्कान्तः कामः कामप्रदः प्रभुः ॥ ३२॥

    291. Bhuta-bhavya-bhavan-nathah: The Lord of all in the past, present and future. 292. Pavanah: He who moves like the wind. 293. Pavanah: He who purifies everything. 294. Analah: One who always confers good 295. Kama-ha: The Destroyer of desires. 296. Kama-krt: One who creates desirable things and also fulfils the desires. 297. Kantah: He who is charming. 298. Kamah: One who is Lovable. 299. Kama-pradah: The Grantor of wishes. 300. Prabhuh: One who has the supreme power to attract the minds of all towards Himself.

  2. 67

    युगादिकृद्युगावर्तो नैकमायो महाशनः । अदृश्यो व्यक्तरूपश्च सहस्रजिदनन्तजित् ॥ ३३॥

    301. Yugadi-krt: The Creator at the beginning of a yuga. 302. Yugavartah: He who revolves the yugas. 303. Naika-mayah: He who is responsible for wonders. 304. Mahasanah: He who is a voracious eater. 305. Adrsyah: He Who cannot be seen. 306. Vyakta-rupah: He of a manifest form. 307. Sahasra-jit: The Conqueror of thousands. 308. Ananta-jit: One whose victory is endless.

  3. 68

    इष्टोऽविशिष्टः शिष्टेष्टः शिखण्डी नहुषो वृषः । क्रोधहा क्रोधकृत्कर्ता विश्वबाहुर्महीधरः ॥ ३४॥

    309. Ishtah: One who is liked by everyone. 310. Avisishtah: He who is impartial to everyone. 311. SishTeshTah: He who is dear to eminent persons. 312. SikhanDI: He who wears a peacock feather. 313. Nahushah: One who binds. 314. Vrshah: He who is the embodiment of dharma. 315. Krodha-hA: He who does not have anger. 316. Krodha-kRt: He who developed anger. 317. Karta: He who slays. 318. Visva-bahuh: He who has arms for the good of the world. 319. Mahi-dharah: The Supporter of the world.

  4. 69

    अच्युतः प्रथितः प्राणः प्राणदो वासवानुजः । अपांनिधिरधिष्ठानमप्रमत्तः प्रतिष्ठितः ॥ ३५॥

    320. Acyutah: He who does not fall from His status. 321. Prathitah: One who is famous and with a great reputation. 322. Pranah: The Life-Breath. 323. Prana-dah: The Life-Giver. 324. Vasavanujah: The younger brother of Vasava or Indra. 325. Apam-nidhih: The Sustainer of the waters of the ocean. 326. Adhishthanam: The Support. 327. Apramattah: The Vigilant. 328. Pratishthitah: He who is self-dependent.

  5. 70

    स्कन्दः स्कन्दधरो धुर्यो वरदो वायुवाहनः । वासुदेवो बृहद्भानुरादिदेवः पुरन्दरः ॥ ३६॥

    329. Skandha: He who destroys. 330. Skanda-dharah: The Supporter of skanda. 331. Dhuryah: The Supporter. 332. Vara-dah: The Grantor of boons. 333. Vayu-vahanah: He who has Vayu as His vehicle. 334. Vasu-devah: He who pervades everywhere 335. Brhad-bhanuh: He who has brightness 336. Adi-devah: The First Deity. 337. Purandarah: The Destroyer of the sufferings.