1. 56

    अमृत्युः सर्वदृक् सिंहः सन्धाता सन्धिमान् स्थिरः । अजो दुर्मर्षणः शास्ता विश्रुतात्मा सुरारिहा ॥ २२॥

    200. Amrityuh: One who is beyond death or decay. 201. Sarvadrik: One who can see everything. 202. Simhah: One who is The Lion. 203. Sandhata: One who unites His devotees with Him and is responsible for the fruits of their actions. 204. Sandhiman: One who is always united with His devotees. 205. Sthirah: One who is firm in His relation to His devotees. 206. Ajah: One who is Unborn. 207. Durmarshanah: The Unassailable. 208. Sasta: The Teacher. 209. Visrutatma: One whose Atma is of a special Nature. 210. Surari-ha: The slayer of the enemies of the gods.

  2. 57

    गुरुर्गुरुतमो धाम सत्यः सत्यपराक्रमः । निमिषोऽनिमिषः स्रग्वी वाचस्पतिरुदारधीः ॥ २३॥

    211. Gurur-guru-tamah: One who is the foremost among the preceptors. 212. Dhama: One who is The Abode of all desired things. 213. Satyah: One who is The Truth. 214. Satya-parakramah: One who is of great valor. 215. Nimishah: One whose eyes are closed. 216. Animishah: One with eyes closed. 217. Sragvi: Adorned with the garland. 218. Vacaspatih: The Lord of Speech. 219. Udara-dhih: One with vast knowledge.

  3. 58

    अग्रणीर्ग्रामणीः श्रीमान् न्यायो नेता समीरणः । सहस्रमूर्धा विश्वात्मा सहस्राक्षः सहस्रपात् ॥ २४॥

    220. Agranih: One who leads forward. 221. Gramanih: Leader of the demi-gods. 222. Sriman: one who is The Lord of Mahalakshmi. 223. Nyayah: One who is The Just. 224. Neta: One who fulfills the requests of His devotees. 225. Samiranah: One who controls all movements in beings. 226. Sahasra-murdha: One who is the thousand-headed. 227. Visvatma: One who is the very soul of the Universe. 228. Sahasra-akshah: One who is the thousand-eyed. 229. sahasra-pat: The thousand-footed.

  4. 59

    आवर्तनो निवृत्तात्मा संवृतः सम्प्रमर्दनः । अहः संवर्तको वह्निरनिलो धरणीधरः ॥ २५॥

    230. Avartanah: He who turns the wheel of worldly life or samsara. 231. Nivrittatma: He whose mind is turned away from worldly desires. 232. Samvritah: He who remains hidden. 233. Sampra-mardanah: The dispeller of darkness. 234. Ahah-samvartakah: The regulator of time. 235. Vahnih: One who is the bearer of fire. 236. Anilah: One who is the Giver of life-breath. 237. Dharani-dharah: The bearer of the Earth.

  5. 60

    सुप्रसादः प्रसन्नात्मा विश्वधृग्विश्वभुग्विभुः । सत्कर्ता सत्कृतः साधुर्जह्नुर्नारायणो नरः ॥ २६॥

    238. Su-prasadah: The Giver of good favors. 239. Prasannatma: He with a delightful nature. 240. Visva-srit: The Creator of the Universe. 241. Visvabhug-vibhuh: He who pervades all things and protects them. 242. Satkarta: He who honors the good. 243. Satkritah: He who is worshipped by the sadhus. 244. Sadhuh: One who carries out the wishes of his devotees. 245. Jahnuh: The Concealer. 246. Narayanah: The Supporter of all the souls. 247. Narah: He who is imperishable.