1. 136

    आधारनिलयोऽधाता पुष्पहासः प्रजागरः । ऊर्ध्वगः सत्पथाचारः प्राणदः प्रणवः पणः ॥ १०२॥

    950. Aadhaaranilayah: One who is the fundamental sustainer. 951. Adhaataa: Above whom there is no other to control or to command. 952. Pushpahaasah: He who shines like an opening flower. 953. Prajaagarah: Ever-Awaked -He who knows no sleep. 954. Oordhvagah: One who walks the path of truth. 955. Satpaatacharah: One who walks the path of truth. 956. Praanadah: One who gives ‘Praana’ to all. 957. Pranavah: One who is The Infinite reality is indicated by ‘OM’ in the Vedas. 958. Panah: The supreme Manager of the universe.

  2. 137

    प्रमाणं प्राणनिलयः प्राणभृत्प्राणजीवनः । तत्त्वं तत्त्वविदेकात्मा जन्ममृत्युजरातिगः ॥ १०३॥

    959. Pramaanam: He whose very form is the Vedas. 960. Praananilayah: He in whom all praanas stand established. 961. Praana-brit: He who rules over all Praanas 962. Praana-jeevanah: He who maintains the life-birth in all living creatures 963. Tattvam: He who isthe Reality that which is eternal 964. Tattvavit: One who has realized fully the reality. 965. Ekaatmaa: Supersoul in the universe. 966. Janma-mrityu-jaraa-atigah: One who has no change or modifications in Himself

  3. 138

    भूर्भुवःस्वस्तरुस्तारः सविता प्रपितामहः । यज्ञो यज्ञपतिर्यज्वा यज्ञाङ्गो यज्ञवाहनः ॥ १०४॥

    967. Bhoor-bhuvas-svas-taruh: One who nurtures the three lokas. 968. Tarrah: One who helps all to cross –over. 969. Savitaa: He who is the eternal father of the entire Universe. 970. Pra-pitaamahah: He who is the father of even the Father of all Beings. 971. Yajnah: One whose very nature is yajna. 972. Yajna-patih: The lord of all yajnas. 973. Yajvaa: The one who performs Yajna according to the strict prescriptions laid down in Vedas. 974. Yajnaangah: One whose limbs are employed in Yajna. 975. Yajna-vaahanah: One who fulfills Yajnas.

  4. 139

    यज्ञभृद् यज्ञकृद् यज्ञी यज्ञभुग् यज्ञसाधनः । यज्ञान्तकृद् यज्ञगुह्यमन्नमन्नाद एव च ॥ १०५॥

    976. Yajna-bhrit: the ruler of the Yajnas. 977. Yajna-Krit: One who performs Yajna 978. Yajnee: One who is a constant ‘Enjoyer’ of the perpetual Yajnas. 979. Yajnee: All that is offered into the sacred Fire during a Yajna. 980. Yajna-saadhanah: One who fulfills all Yajnas. 981. Yajnaantakrit: One who performs the last act in all Yajnas. 982. yagna-guhyam: One who is the most profound truth to be realized in all yajnas. 983. Annam: One who has himself become the food. 984. Annaadah: One who eats the food.

  5. 140

    आत्मयोनिः स्वयञ्जातो वैखानः सामगायनः । देवकीनन्दनः स्रष्टा क्षितीशः पापनाशनः ॥ १०६॥

    985. Aatma-yohin: One who is himself the material cause. 986. Svayam-jaatah: One who is the lord of the universe. 987. Vai-Khaanah: The one who dug through the earth. 988. saama-gaayanah: One who signs the Saama-songs. 989. Devakeenandhanah: He who was born to Devakee in his Incarnation as Krishna. 990. Srashtaa: One who creates. 991. Kshiteesah: One who is the lord of the earth. 992. Paapa-naasanah: meditating upon whom, all vaasanaas are liquidated.