1. 76

    व्यवसायो व्यवस्थानः संस्थानः स्थानदो ध्रुवः । परर्द्धिः परमस्पष्टस्तुष्टः पुष्टः शुभेक्षणः ॥ ४२॥

    386. Vyavasayah: The Pivot of the solar system. 387. Vyavasthanah: The basis. 388. Samsthanah: The final end. 389. Sthana-dah: The Giver of the Supreme Abode. 390. Dhruvah: The fixed pole star. 391. Pararddhih: He who is full of noble and auspicious qualities. 392. Parma-spashtah: He whose greatness is explicit. 393. Tushtah: He who is full of happiness. 394. Pushtah: He who is full of noble qualities. 395. Subekshanah: He who has auspicious eyes.

  2. 77

    रामो विरामो विरजो मार्गो नेयो नयोऽनयः । वीरः शक्तिमतां श्रेष्ठो धर्मो धर्मविदुत्तमः ॥ ४३॥

    396. Ramah: He who delights others. 397. Viramah: He before whom all become powerless. 398. Virajo-margah: He who shows the flawless path. 399. Neyah: He who lets Himself be governed by devotees. 400. Nayah: He who draws everyone towards Himself. 401. Anayah: He who cannot be spirited away. 402. Virah: Valiant. 403. Saktimatam-sreshthah: The Greatest among the powerful. 404. Dharmah: Virtue Incarnate. 405. Dharmavid-uttamah: The foremost among those who are conscious of dharma.

  3. 78

    वैकुण्ठः पुरुषः प्राणः प्राणदः प्रणवः पृथुः । हिरण्यगर्भः शत्रुघ्नो व्याप्तो वायुरधोक्षजः ॥ ४४॥

    406. Vaikunthah: Remover of obstacles to merging the soul. 407. Purushah: The Purifier. 408. Pranah: The vital life -breath. 410. Pranamah: He who deserves to be worshiped. 411. Prthuh: Well-known. 412. Hiranya-garbhah: He who delights everyone’s heart. 413. Satru-ghnah: The Slayer of the enemies. 414. Vyaptah: He who is full of love and affection. 415. Vayuh: He who moves towards devotees. 417. Adhokshajah: He whose prominence does not get diminished.

  4. 79

    ऋतुः सुदर्शनः कालः परमेष्ठी परिग्रहः । उग्रः संवत्सरो दक्षो विश्रामो विश्वदक्षिणः ॥ ४५॥

    417. Rtuh: He who is the Seasons 418. Sudarsanah: He who provides auspicious vision. 419. Kalah: He who measures everyone’s karma and doles out the phala. 420. Parameshthi: He who resides in the Supreme Abode, Sriviakuntham. 421. Parigrahah: He who takes all with Him. 422. Ugrah: The Formidable. 423. Samvatsarah: He in whom everything resides. 424. Dakshah: He who is quick in action. 425. Visramah: The Place of Rest. 426. Visva-dakshinah: He who is well-disposed towards all.

  5. 80

    विस्तारः स्थावरस्थाणुः प्रमाणं बीजमव्ययम् । अर्थोऽनर्थो महाकोशो महाभोगो महाधनः ॥ ४६॥

    427. Vistarah: He who is spread out in everything. 428. Sthavar-sthanuh: He who is tranquil after establishing the dharma. 429. Pramanam: The Authority. 430. Bijam-avyayam: The Seed Imperishable. 431. Arthah: The Goal 432. Anarthah: He who is not the goal for some. 433. Maha-kosah: He who has a great treasure. 434. Maha-bhogah: He who has objects of great enjoyment. 435. Maha-dhanah: He of great wealth.