1. 126

    धनुर्धरो धनुर्वेदो दण्डो दमयिता दमः । अपराजितः सर्वसहो नियन्ताऽनियमोऽयमः ॥ ९२॥

    861. Dhanur-dharah: The wielder of the bow. 862. Dhanur-vedah: The Propounder of the science of archery. 863. Dandah: He Who is verily the weapon (power) of Yama – the danda. 864. Damayita: The Subduer of the enemies of His devotees. 865. A-damah: He Who is not subdued by anyone. 866. A-parajitah: He Who is invincible. 867. Sarva-sahah: The Supporter of all the other deities. 868. Niyanta: He Who directs. 869. Niyamah: He Who controls. 870. Yamah: He Who is beyond yama or mrityu.

  2. 127

    सत्त्ववान् सात्त्विकः सत्यः सत्यधर्मपरायणः । अभिप्रायः प्रियार्होऽर्हः प्रियकृत् प्रीतिवर्धनः ॥ ९३॥

    871. Sattva-van: He Who controls the sattva guna that paves the way for liberation. 872. Sattvikah: He Who confers the fruits of sattva guna. 873. Satyah: One Who is well-disposed towards pious souls. 874. Satya-dharma-parayanah: He Who is pleased with the true dharma practiced by His devotees. 875. Abhiprayah: He Who is the object of choice. 876. Priyarhah: He Who is rightly the object of love. 877. Arhah: The greatest Lord to be worshipped. 878. Priya-krt: He Who does what is wanted by others. 879. Priti-vardhanah: Who increases the joy of His devotees.

  3. 128

    विहायसगतिर्ज्योतिः सुरुचिर्हुतभुग्विभुः । रविर्विरोचनः सूर्यः सविता रविलोचनः ॥ ९४॥

    880. Vihayasa-gatih: He Who is the means for the attainment of paramapadam. 881. Jyotih: The Light that leads to Sri Vaikuntham and is self-luminous. 882. Su-rucih: He of lovely effulgence. 883. Huta-bhug-vibhuh: He that is the Bright Fortnight of the Moon. 884. Ravih: The Sun with his brilliance. 885. Virocanah: He of various splendors – such as the Sun, moon, day, night, etc. 886. Suryah: One who generates Sri or brilliance in Surya or Agni. 887. Savita: He Who produces or brings life in the form of the Sun. 888. Ravi-locanah: He Who illuminates.

  4. 129

    अनन्तो हुतभुग्भोक्ता सुखदो नैकजोऽग्रजः । अनिर्विण्णः सदामर्षी लोकाधिष्ठानमद्भुतः ॥ ९५॥

    889. Ananta-huta-bhug-bhokta: He Who is indra and brahma. 890. Sukha-dah: The Giver of Bliss to His devotees. 891. Naika-dah: The Giver of many things. 892. Agra-jah: He Who manifests in front of the mukta-s. 893. A-nir-vinnah: He Who is not tired of fulfilling the wishes of His devotees. 894. Sada-marshI: He Who is ever patient. 895. Lokadhishthanam: The Support of all the worlds. 896. Adbhutah: He Who is extremely wonderful.

  5. 130

    सनात्सनातनतमः कपिलः कपिरव्ययः । स्वस्तिदः स्वस्तिकृत्स्वस्ति स्वस्तिभुक्स्वस्तिदक्षिणः ॥ ९६॥

    897. Sanat: The Object of enjoyment. 898. Sanatana-tamah: The Most Ancient. 899. Kapilah: He Who is of beautiful complexion. 900. Kapir-avyayah: He Who enjoys the never-diminishing Bliss. 901. Svasti-dah: The Giver of Auspiciousness. 902. Svasti-krt: The Doer of good to the devotees. 903. Svasti: He Who is Auspiciousness. 904. Svasti-bhuk: The Protector of all that is auspicious. 905. Svasti-dakshinah: He Who gives auspicious things as Dakshina to his devotees.