1. 16

    पवित्राणां पवित्रं यो मङ्गलानां च मङ्गलम् । दैवतं दैवतानां च भूतानां योऽव्ययः पिता ॥ १६॥

    Please hear from me, The thousand holy names, Which wash away all sins, Of Him who is purest of the pure, Of That which is holiest of holies, Of Him who is God among Gods, Of That father who lives Without death, Among all that lives in this world,

  2. 17

    यतः सर्वाणि भूतानि भवन्त्यादियुगागमे । यस्मिंश्च प्रलयं यान्ति पुनरेव युगक्षये ॥ १७॥

    Of Him whom all the souls, Were born at the start of the world, Of Him in whom, all that lives, Will disappear at the end of the world,

  3. 18

    तस्य लोकप्रधानस्य जगन्नाथस्य भूपते । विष्णोर्नामसहस्रं मे श‍ृणु पापभयापहम् ॥ १८॥

    And of that the chief of all this world, Who bears the burden of this world. I would teach you without fail, Of those names with fame. Which deal of His qualities great, And which the sages sing, So that beings of this wide world, Become happy and great.

  4. 19

    यानि नामानि गौणानि विख्यातानि महात्मनः । ऋषिभिः परिगीतानि तानि वक्ष्यामि भूतये ॥ १९॥

    I shall now recite to you those supplementary and well-known names of the great-souled Lord, which have been sung by the sages for the welfare of all beings.

  5. 20

    ऋषिर्नाम्नां सहस्रस्य वेदव्यासो महामुनिः ॥ छन्दोऽनुष्टुप् तथा देवो भगवान् देवकीसुतः ॥ २०॥

    These thousand names Yudishtra Are Sung for peace, And has Vyasa as the sage, And is composed in Anusthup meter, And has its God the son of Devaki,