1. 106

    महाक्रमो महाकर्मा महातेजा महोरगः । महाक्रतुर्महायज्वा महायज्ञो महाहविः ॥ ७२॥

    676. Mahakramah: He Who provides easy step-by-step access for the elevation of His devotee. 677. Mahakarma:He of great actions. 678. Mahatejah: He of great Resplendence. 679. Mahoragah: He Who has the serpent Ananta as His bed. 680. Mahakratuh: He Who is worshiped by the great yagas. 681. Mahayajva: He Who performs great sacrifices. 682. Mahayajnah: He Who manifests Himself in the form of the best of yajnas. 683. Mahahavih: He Who is worshiped with supreme oblations.

  2. 107

    स्तव्यः स्तवप्रियः स्तोत्रं स्तुतिः स्तोता रणप्रियः । पूर्णः पूरयिता पुण्यः पुण्यकीर्तिरनामयः ॥ ७३॥

    684. Stavyah: He Who is worthy of praise. 685. Stava-priyah: He Who is pleased by the praise in whatever form it is offered. 686. Stotram: The ultimate chant. 687. Stutah: He Who is praised. 688. Stota: He Who praises those who extol Him. 689. Rana-priyah: He Who delights in battle. 690. Purnah: He Who is complete. 691. Purayita: The Fulfiller of the desires of His devotees. 692. Punyah: The Purifier. 693. Punya-kirtih: He Whose kirti or praise is also purifying. 694. Anamayah: He Who is beyond pain or suffering.

  3. 108

    मनोजवस्तीर्थकरो वसुरेता वसुप्रदः । वसुप्रदो वासुदेवो वसुर्वसुमना हविः ॥ ७४॥

    695. Mano-javah: He Who is swift as thought. 696. Tirtha-karah: He Who is the source of the holy waters. 697. Vasu-retah: The Source of Luster. 698. Vasu-pradah: The Giver of Treasure. 699. Vasu-Pradah: The giver of glory. 700. Vasu-devah: The presiding Deity of the dwadasakshari, 12-lettered vasu-deva mantra. 701. Vasuh: The Dweller in the hearts of His devotees. 702. Vasu-manah: He Who has a pure mind without any afflictions. 703. Havih: He who is the Sacrificial Offering.

  4. 109

    सद्गतिः सत्कृतिः सत्ता सद्भूतिः सत्परायणः । शूरसेनो यदुश्रेष्ठः सन्निवासः सुयामुनः ॥ ७५॥

    704. Sadgatih: He who provides the right path for the good. 705. Satkrtih: He who is full of good actions. 706. Satta: Existence Incarnate. 707. Sadbhutih: He Who is endowed with rich glories. 708. Satparayanam: The Support for the good. 709. Sura-senah: He with a valiant army. 710. Yadu-sreshthah: The pre-eminent among the Yadavas. 711. Sannivasah: The Abode of the saintly. 712. Suyamunah: He Who lifts up and protects the jivas during the time of pralaya.

  5. 110

    भूतावासो वासुदेवः सर्वासुनिलयोऽनलः । दर्पहा दर्पदो दृप्तो दुर्धरोऽथापराजितः ॥ ७६॥

    713. Bhutavasah: He Who is the abode of all creatures. 714. Vasudevah: He who is the light. 715. Sarvasunilayah: The Abode and support of all souls. 716. Analah: He Who is never satisfied that He has done enough for His devotees. 717. Darpaha: The Destroyer of pride. 718. Darpa-dah: The Bestower of beauty and attractiveness in everything. 719. Adrptah: He Who is not proud Himself. 720. Durdharah: He Who is difficult to control. 721. Aparajitah: The Invincible.