1. 131

    अरौद्रः कुण्डली चक्री विक्रम्यूर्जितशासनः । शब्दातिगः शब्दसहः शिशिरः शर्वरीकरः ॥ ९७॥

    906. A-raudrah: He Who is not driven to anger easily. 907. Kundali: He Who is bedecked with beautiful earrings. 908. Cakri: One with the Discus in His arm. 909. Vikrami: He Who has great prowess. 910. Urjita-sasanah: He of inviolable commands. 911. Sabdatigah: He Who is beyond words. 912. Sabda-sahah: He Who shoulders the burden. 913. Sisirah: He Who rushed to render help. 914. Sarvari-karah: He Who had the destructive weapons in his hands.

  2. 132

    अक्रूरः पेशलो दक्षो दक्षिणः क्षमिणांवरः । विद्वत्तमो वीतभयः पुण्यश्रवणकीर्तनः ॥ ९८॥

    915. A-krurah: He Who was not cruel. 916. Pesalah: He Who is charming and soft. 917. Dakshath: He Who removes evil elements very quickly. 918. Dakshinah: He Who is pleasing and amiable. 919. Kshaminam-varah: The foremost in bearing the burden of protection of His devotees. 920. Vidvat-tamah: The Best among those who know what to do. 921. Vita-bhayah: He because of Whom fear is dispelled. 922. Punya-sravana-kIrtanah: He Whose nama sravanam and kirtanam are purifying.

  3. 133

    उत्तारणो दुष्कृतिहा पुण्यो दुःस्वप्ननाशनः । वीरहा रक्षणः सन्तो जीवनः पर्यवस्थितः ॥ ९९॥

    923. Uttaranah: He Who lifts up. 924. Dushkrti-ha: He Who slays the evil-doers. 925. Punyah: The Purifier. 926. Dus_svapna-nasanah: The Remover of evil dreams. 927. Vira-ha: He Who is most powerful. 928. Rakshanah: The Savior. 929. Santah: He Who makes those who have sought refuge in Him prosper. 930. Jivanah: The Life-Giver. 931. Paryavasthitah: He Who stands beside.

  4. 134

    अनन्तरूपोऽनन्तश्रीर्जितमन्युर्भयापहः । चतुरश्रो गभीरात्मा विदिशो व्यादिशो दिशः ॥ १००॥

    932. Ananta-rupah: He of infinite Forms. 933. Ananta-srih: He of infinite wealth, glory, power, etc. 934. Jita-manyuh: He Who has conquered His anger. 935. Bayapahah: He Who destroys the fear in the mind of the devotee. 936. Chatur-asrah: One Who is skilled in all aspects. 937. Gabhiratma: He of deep and profound nature. 938. Vidisah: One Who can be reached from all directions. 939. Vyadisah: He Who appoints the different gods in their respective positions. 940. Disah: He Who commands.

  5. 135

    अनादिर्भूर्भुवो लक्ष्मीः सुवीरो रुचिराङ्गदः । जननो जनजन्मादिर्भीमो भीमपराक्रमः ॥ १०१॥

    941. Anadih: He Who is not realized by many because of their ignorance. 942. Bhur-bhuvah: He Who supports that which supports the Earth, the sky, etc 943. Lakshmih: The Wealth. 944. Suviro: Good fighter. 945. Rucira’ngadah: He Who bestows His lovely form for His devotees to enjoy. 946. Jananah: The Creator. 947. Jana-janmadih: He Who is the root cause of all beings. 948. Bhimah: He Who is frightful to those who do not follow dharma. 949. Bhima-parakramya: one who is the all-powerful fighter.