1. 41

    अग्राह्यः शाश्वतः कृष्णो लोहिताक्षः प्रतर्दनः । प्रभूतस्त्रिककुब्धाम पवित्रं मङ्गलं परम् ॥ ७॥

    56. Agrahyah: One who is beyond understanding. 57. Shashvatah: One who is eternal. 58. Krshnah: One who has a dark-blue complexion and all attractive. 59. Lohitakshah: One with eyes red like the beautiful lotus flower. 60. Pradrdanah: The Destroyer. 61. Prabhutah: One who is endowed with wisdom and greatness 62. Tri-kakud-dhama: Master of three worlds. 63. Pavitram: Purity Incarnate. 64. Mangalam Param: The Embodiment of Supreme Auspiciousness.

  2. 42

    ईशानः प्राणदः प्राणो ज्येष्ठः श्रेष्ठः प्रजापतिः । हिरण्यगर्भो भूगर्भो माधवो मधुसूदनः ॥ ८॥

    65. Isanah: The controller. 66. Pranadah: Giver of life. 67. Pranah: Lifeforce. 68. Jyeshthah: Oldest. 69. Sreshthah: Most praise-worthy. 70. Prajapatih: Lord of mankind. 71. Hiranyagarbah: He who resides in a lovely Abode. 72. Bhugarbhah: Protection of the Earth. 73. Madhavah: who is born in the race of a Yadhava called Madhu, and for whom there is no Lord. 74. Madhusudhanah: The slayer of the evil demon called Madhu.

  3. 43

    ईश्वरो विक्रमी धन्वी मेधावी विक्रमः क्रमः । अनुत्तमो दुराधर्षः कृतज्ञः कृतिरात्मवान् ॥ ९॥

    75. Isvarah: The God. 76. Vikram: The most courageous and powerful. 77. Dhanvi: The wielder of the bow. 78. Medhavi: One who has a good memory. 79. Vikramah: One with great strides such as in the Vamana incarnation. 80. Kramah: One who is the basis for the order in the Universe. 81. Anuttamah: One for whom there is nothing superior or better. 82. Duradharshah: One who cannot be overcome by others. 83. Krtajnah: One who is grateful. 84. Krtih: One who leads to good deeds. 85. Atmavan: The real owner of souls.

  4. 44

    सुरेशः शरणं शर्म विश्वरेताः प्रजाभवः । अहः संवत्सरो व्यालः प्रत्ययः सर्वदर्शनः ॥ १०॥

    86. Suresah: The Lord of all the other gods. 87. Saranam: One who is the Refuge. 88. Sarma: One who is Bliss. 89. Visvaretah: The seed for the Universe. 90. Prajabhavah: One from whom all beings have originated. 91. Ahah: Protector of Devotees. 92. Samvatsarah: He who lives for the upliftment of His devotees. 93. Vyalah: One who is beyond the grasp. 94. Pratyayah: One who can be relied upon. 95. Sarvadarsanah: One who shows his grace to all.

  5. 45

    अजः सर्वेश्वरः सिद्धः सिद्धिः सर्वादिरच्युतः । वृषाकपिरमेयात्मा सर्वयोगविनिःसृतः ॥ ११॥

    96. Ajah: Unborn and the Remover of all obstacles. 97. Sarvesvarah: One who is the isvara for all isvaras. 98. Siddhah: One who is reachable and knowledgeable. 99. Siddhih: The Goal. 100. Sarvadih: The Origin or Cause of all things. 101. Acyutah: One who undergoes no changes like birth, decay, etc. 102. Vrishakapih: One who lifted the Earth in the form of Varaaha. 103. Ameyatma: One whose nature cannot be comprehended. 104. Aarva yoga vinissritah: One who is beyond any attachment.