1. 161

    योगो ज्ञानं तथा साङ्ख्यं विद्याः शिल्पादि कर्म च । वेदाः शास्त्राणि विज्ञानमेतत्सर्वं जनार्दनात् ॥ १९॥

    The Art of Yoga And the science of Sankhya. The treasure of knowledge. The divine art of sculpture . And all Vedas and sciences, All these came from Janardhana

  2. 162

    एको विष्णुर्महद्भूतं पृथग्भूतान्यनेकशः । त्रींल्लोकान्व्याप्य भूतात्मा भुङ्क्ते विश्वभुगव्ययः ॥ २०॥

    Vishnu is many , But He is one, And he divides himself, And exists in all beings, That is in three worlds, And rules all of them, Without death and decay.

  3. 163

    इमं स्तवं भगवतो विष्णोर्व्यासेन कीर्तितम् । पठेद्य इच्छेत्पुरुषः श्रेयः प्राप्तुं सुखानि च ॥ २१॥

    He who desires fame and pleasure Should chant these verses, sung by Vyasa, Of this great stotra of Vishnu without fail.

  4. 164

    विश्वेश्वरमजं देवं जगतः प्रभुमव्ययम् । भजन्ति ये पुष्कराक्षं न ते यान्ति पराभवम् ॥ २२॥

    He will never fail, Who sings the praise of the Lord, Of this universe, Who does not have birth, Who is always stable, And who shines and sparkles, And has lotus eyes.

  5. 165

    अर्जुन उवाच --- पद्मपत्रविशालाक्ष पद्मनाभ सुरोत्तम । भक्तानामनुरक्तानां त्राता भव जनार्दन ॥ २३॥

    Arjuna Said:- Oh God Who has eyes, Like the petals of a lotus, Oh God, Who has a lotus, On his stomach, Oh God, Who has eyes, Seeing all things, Oh God, Who is the Lord, Of all devas, Please be kind, And be a shelter, To all your devotees, Who come to you with love.