1. 92

    महावराहो गोविन्दः सुषेणः कनकाङ्गदी । गुह्यो गभीरो गहनो गुप्तश्चक्रगदाधरः ॥ ५८॥

    542. Mahavarahah: He Who appeared in the form of the Great Boar. 543. Govindah: One who is praised by the gods. 544. Sushenah: He who is equipped with a body with suddha sattva sakti. 545. Kanakangadi: He Who is adorned by armlets of gold. 546. Guyhah: He who is concealed. 547. Gabhirah: He who is deep or mysterious. 548. Gahanah: He who is beyond comprehension and Inexplicable. 549. Guptah: He who is hidden. 550. Cakragadadharah: The bearer of the discus and the mace.