1. 71

    आनन्दे महति प्राप्ते दृष्टे वा बान्धवे चिरात् । आनन्दमुद्गतम् ध्यात्वा तल्लयस्तन्मना भवेत् ॥ ७१ ॥

    When great joy is obtained (through any event such as) meeting with relatives, one should meditate on that with one pointedness, until the mind becomes absorbed and the bliss ever arises.

  2. 72

    जग्धिपानकृतोल्लासरसानन्दविजृम्भणात् । भावयेद्भरितावस्थां महानन्दस्ततो भवेत् ॥ ७२ ॥

    If one concentrates on eating and drinking and the happiness obtained by that joy of taste, from such contemplation of enjoyment arises the state of fullness, which then becomes supreme joy or bliss.

  3. 73

    गितादिविषयास्वादासमसौख्यैकतात्मनः । योगिनस्तन्मयत्वेन मनोरूढेस् तदात्मता ॥ ७३ ॥

    As a result of concentration on the pleasures of the senses, such as music or song, the yogis experience equal happiness (or pleasure) within. By being (thus) absorbed the yogi ascends beyond the mind and becomes one with that (supreme).

  4. 74

    यत्र यत्र मनस्तुष्टिर्मनस्तत्रैव धारयेत् । तत्र तत्र परानन्दस्वारूपं सम्प्रवर्तते ॥ ७४ ॥

    Whenever there is satisfaction of mind and the mind is held there alone, the nature of supreme bliss manifests.

  5. 75

    अनागतायां निद्रायां प्रणष्टे बाह्यगोचरे । सावस्था मनसा गम्या परा देवी प्रकाशते ॥ ७५ ॥

    By entering that state preceding sleep, where the awareness of the outer world has faded, (the mind is absorbed in the threshold state) which the supreme goddess illumines.