1. 46

    तनूदेशे शून्यतैव क्षणमात्रं विभावयेत् । निर्विकल्पं निर्विकल्पो निर्विकल्पस्वरूपभाक् ॥ ४६ ॥

    If one concentrates on the body as a void, even for a moment, with the mind free from thought, then one attains thoughtlessness and verily becomes that form of void (known as Bhairava).

  2. 47

    सर्वं देहगतं द्रव्यं वियद्याप्तं मृगेक्षणे । विभावयेत्ततस्तस्य भावना सा स्थिरा भवेत् ॥ ४७ ॥

    O gazelle-eyed one, concentrate upon all the constituents of the body pervaded by space, so that the thought becomes steady.

  3. 48

    देहान्तरे त्वग्विभागम् भित्तिभूतम् विचिन्तयेत् । न किंचिदन्तरे तस्य ध्यायन्नध्येयभाग्भवेत् ॥ ४८ ॥

    One should contemplate on the skin of the body as a mere wall or partition with nothing inside it. By meditating thus, he becomes like the void, which cannot be meditated upon.

  4. 49

    हृद्याकाशे निलीनाक्षः पद्मसम्पुटमध्यगः । अनन्यचेताः सुभगे परं सौभाग्यमाप्नुयात् ॥ ४९ ॥

    O embodiment of good fortune, one who contemplates with closed eyes and one-pointed concentration on the mantra in the middle of the lotus in the heart space achieves the highest spiritual realization.

  5. 50

    सर्वतः स्वशरीरस्य द्वादशान्ते मनोलयात् । दृढबुद्धेर्दृढीभूतं तत्त्वलक्ष्यं प्रवर्तते ॥ ५० ॥

    When the mind is dissolved in dwadashanta by steady awareness and steady practice, the true nature or essence of the goal manifests everywhere in one's body.