1. 111

    भ्रान्त्वा भ्रान्त्वा शरीरेण त्वरितम् भुवि पातनात् । क्षोभशक्तिविरामेण परा संजायते दशा ॥ १११ ॥

    Whirling the body round and round until it falls on the ground makes the energy causing commotion at once (become static). By dial cessation the supreme slate appears.

  2. 112

    आधारेष्वथवाऽशक्त्याऽज्ञानाच्चित्तलयेन वा । जातशक्तिसमावेशक्षोभान्ते भैरवं वपुः ॥ ११२ ॥

    Being powerless to perceive objects due to ignorance or wrong perception, if one is able to dissolve the mind by absorbing it on the erroneous perception of objects, then at the end of commotion brought about by that absorption, there the form of Bhairava appears.

  3. 113

    सम्प्रदायमिमं देवि शृणु सम्यग्वदाम्यहम् । कैवल्यं जायते सद्यो नेत्रयोः स्तब्धमात्रयोः ॥ ११३ ॥

    Listen, O Devi, as I am telling you about this (mystic) tradition in its entirety. If the eyes are fixed in a steady gaze (without blinking), kaivalya will arise immediately.

  4. 114

    सम्कोचं कर्णयोः कृत्वा ह्यधोद्वारे तथैव च । अनच्कमहलं ध्यायन्विशेद्ब्रह्म सनातनम् ॥ ११४ ॥

    Contracting (or closing) the openings of the ears and also the lower opening (reproductive/excretory organs) in the same way, and then meditating on the palace of the anahad (unstruck) sound within, one enters die eternal Brahma.

  5. 115

    कूपादिके महागर्ते स्थित्वोपरि निरीक्षणात् । अविकल्पमतेः सम्यक्सद्यश्चित्तलयः स्फुटम् ॥ ११५ ॥

    Standing above a deep hole or well and looking steadily downward (into the abyss), the mind becomes entirely free of vikalpas and dissolution immediately manifests.