1. 1

    सत्यं बृहदृतमुग्रं दीक्षा तपो ब्रह्म यज्ञः पृथिवीं धारयन्ति । सा नो भूतस्य भव्यस्य पत्युरुं लोकं पृथिवी नः कृणोतु ॥ १॥

    Salutations to mother earth! the truth (satyam), the cosmic divine law (ritam), the spiritual passion manifested in mighty initiations, penances and self dedications to the search of brahman (by the sages); these have sustained the mother earth for ages (who in turn have supported these in her bosom), she, who is to us the consort of the past and the future (being its witness), may she expand our inner life in this world towards the cosmic life (through her purity and vastness). ।। 1 ।।

  2. 2

    असंबाधं बध्यतो मानवानां यस्या उद्वतः प्रवतः समं बहु । नानावीर्या ओषधीर्या बिभर्ति पृथिवी नः प्रथतां राध्यतां नः ॥ २॥

    Salutations to mother earth! who extends unimpeded freedom (both outer and inner) to human beings through her mountains, slopes and plains, she bears many plants and medicinal herbs of various potencies; may she extend her riches to us (and make us healthy). ।। 2 ।।

  3. 3

    यस्यां समुद्र उत सिन्धुरापो यस्यामन्नं कृष्टयः संबभूवुः । यस्यामिदं जिन्वति प्राणदेजत्सा नो भूमिः पूर्वपेये दधातु ॥ ३॥

    Salutations to mother earth! in her is woven together ocean and river waters; in her is contained food which she manifests when ploughed, in her indeed is alive all lives; may she bestow us with that life. ।। 3 ।।

  4. 4

    यस्याश्चतस्त्रः प्रदिशः पृथिव्या यस्यामन्नं कृष्टयः संबभूवुः । या बिभर्ति बहुधा प्राणदेवत्सा नो भूमिर्गोष्वप्यन्ने दधातु ॥ ४॥

    Salutations to mother earth! in her resides the four directions of the world; in her is contained food which she manifests when ploughed, she sustains the various lives living in her; may she, the mother earth, bestow on us the ray of life present even in food. ।। 4 ।।

  5. 5

    यस्यां पूर्वे पूर्वजना विचक्रिरे यस्यां देवा असुरानभ्यवर्तयन् । गवामश्वानां वयसश्च विष्ठा भगं वर्चः पृथिवी नो दधातु ॥ ५॥

    Salutations to mother earth! in her our forefathers lived and performed (their activities) in earlier times; in her the devas (the good forces) overturned the asuras (the evil forces) (since earlier times), in her lived the cows, horses, birds (and other animals in earlier times); may she, the mother earth, bestow on us prosperity and splendour. ।। 5 ।।

  6. 6

    विश्वंभरा वसुधानी प्रतिष्ठा हिरण्यवक्षा जगतो निवेशनी । वैश्वानरं बिभ्रती भूमिरग्निमिन्द्रऋषभा द्रविणे नो दधातु ॥ ६॥

    Salutations to mother earth! she is Vishwambhara (all-bearing), she is Vasudhaa (producer of all wealth), she is Pratishtha (foundation on which we live), she is Hiranyavaksha (of golden bosom) and the dwelling place of the world, she holds the Vaishvanara (the universal fire) within her, the fire which empowers Indra and Rishabha; may the mother earth bestow on us (the splendour of that fire and make us strong). ।। 6 ।।

  7. 7

    यां रक्षन्त्यस्वप्ना विश्वदानीं देवा भूमिं पृथिवीमप्रमादम् । सा नो मधु प्रियं दुहामथो उक्षतु वर्चसा ॥ ७॥

    Salutations to mother earth! her, the devas protect sleeplessly with vigilence, she who is the all-giving mother earth, may she milk for us that delightful honey which gives the great splendour (of divinity). ।। 7 ।।

  8. 8

    यार्णवेऽधि सलिलमग्न आसीद्यां मायाभिरन्वचरन्मनीषिणः । यस्या हृदयं परमे व्योमन्त्सत्येनावृतममृतं पृथिव्याः । सा नो भूमिस्त्विर्षि बलं राष्ट्रे दधातूत्तमे ॥ ८॥

    Salutations to mother earth! sitting above sea as well as lying immersed in its waters (in meditation), the sages pursued her by supernatural powers (i.e. tried to understand her real nature by yogic powers), (they found that) the heart of mother earth lies in the highest vyoman (spiritual sky) enveloped by truth and immortality, may she, the mother earth, bestow her splendorous vigour on us and our great kingdom. ।। 8 ।।

  9. 9

    यस्यामापः परिचराः समानीरहोरात्रे अप्रमादं क्षरन्ति । सा नो भूमिर्भूरिधारा पयो दुहामथो उक्षतु वर्चसा ॥ ९॥

    Salutations to mother earth! in her the waters flow on all sides day and night with vigilence (i.e. unceasingly), may she, the mother earth give us the milk of her abundant streams, and moisten us with its splendour (present in water). ।। 9 ।।

  10. 10

    यामश्विनावमिमातां विष्णुर्यस्यां विचक्रमे । इन्द्रो यां चक्र आत्मनेऽनमित्रां शचीपतिः । सा नो भूमिर्वि सृजतां माता पुत्राय मे पयः ॥ १०॥

    Salutations to mother earth! her, the aswins (divine physicians) have measured out (i.e. filled her with herbs and healing qualities), in her Vishnu strode (imparting her with divine qualities), Indra, the husband of Shachi, made her soul free from enemies (i.e. made her soul the friend of all like a mother to a son), may she pour forth her milk (with kindness) as a mother does to her son. ।। 10 ।।

  11. 11

    गिरयस्ते पर्वता हिमवन्तोऽरण्यं ते पृथिवि स्योनमस्तु । बभ्रु कृष्णां रोहिणीं विश्वरूपां ध्रुवां भूमि पृथिवीमिन्द्रगुप्ताम् । अजीतेऽहतो अक्षतोऽध्यष्ठां पृथिवीमहम् ॥ ११॥

    Salutations to mother earth! O mother earth, may your hills and snow-clad mountains (spread its coolness within us); may your forests spread its delight within us, you present a vishwarupa with your many colours - Babhru (brown) (of mountains), Krishna (blue) (of rivers), Rohini (red) (of flowers); (but behind all these enchanting appearances) O mother earth, you are like Dhruva-firm and immovable; and you are protected by Indra, (on your firm foundation) which is unconquered, unslayed and unbroken whole, I stand firm (and whole, O mother). ।। 11 ।।

  12. 12

    यत्ते मध्यं पृथिवि यच्च नभ्यं यास्त ऊर्जस्तन्वः संबभूवुः । तासु नो धेह्यभि नः पवस्व माता भूमिः पुत्रो अहं पृथिव्याः । पर्जन्यः पिता स उ नः पिपर्तु ॥ १२॥

    Salutations to mother earth! in your center, O mother earth, is your navel from which the vital power emanates and spreads out, absorb us in that power and purify us, O bhoomi mata, i am the son of mother earth, parjanya (rain god) is my father, may he fill us (with the vital power in water). ।। 12 ।।

  13. 13

    यस्यां वेदिं परिगृह्णन्ति भूम्यां यस्यां यज्ञं तन्वते विश्वकर्माणः । यस्यां मीयन्ते स्वरवः पृथिव्यामूर्ध्वाः शुक्रा आहुत्याः पुरस्तात् । सा नो भूमिर्वर्धयद्वर्धमाना ॥ १३॥

    Salutations to mother earth! in her, bhoomi (ground) has spread herself as the sacrificial altar; in her, all the activities of the world has spread themselves as yagya, in her, from the beginning, the sounds (of activities) of the world (resembling the chants of yagya) during oblations rises up and disappears in the purifying upper layers (symbolically purifying the workers), may the expansion (expanding space) provided by the earth, expand (our inner selves also). ।। 13 ।।

  14. 14

    यो नो द्वेषत्पृथिवी यः पृतन्याद्योऽभिदासान्मनसा यो वधेन । तं नो भूमे रन्धय पूर्वकृत्वरि ॥ १४॥

    Salutations to mother earth! he who hates us. O earth, he who attacks us or mentally considers us as enemies, or he who strikes us, him. O mother earth, subdue, as you have done since earliest times. ।। 14 ।।

  15. 15

    त्वज्जातास्त्वयि चरन्ति मर्यास्त्वं बिभर्षि द्विपदस्त्वं चतुष्पदः । तवेमे पृथिवि पञ्च मानवा येभ्यो ज्योतिरमृतं मर्त्यभ्य उद्यन्त्सूर्यो रश्मिभिरातनोति ॥ १५॥

    Salutations to mother earth! (first those) produced by you, (second) those moving about in you, (third) those two-footed and (fourth) those four-footed ones; (all of) whom you bear in the land of mortality, fifth is the manava, from whom the light of immortality emanates (even) from the land of mortality, which O mother earth, you diffuse with the rays of the rising sun (i.e. the essence of immortality pervades in you). ।। 15 ।।

  16. 16

    ता नः प्रजाः सं दुहतां समग्रा वाचो मधु पृथिवी धेहि मह्यम् ॥ १६॥

    Salutations to mother earth! (the essence of immortality pervades in you) may we, your children (be able to) together milk the ritam (divine order) present everywhere in you. O mother earth, by absorbing (i.e., understanding) the great honeyed speech (vedic mantras). ।। 16 ।।

  17. 17

    विश्वस्वं मातरमोषधीनां ध्रुवां भूमि पृथिवीं धर्मणा घृताम् । शिवां स्योनामनु चरेम विश्वहा ॥ १७॥

    Salutations to mother earth! the herbs (plants) which are like mothers of the world (who sustains us) grows on the immovable earth (bhoomi); the earth which is held by dharma, and in which auspiciousness gently pervades throughout the world. ।। 17 ।।

  18. 18

    महत्सधस्थं महती बभूविथ महान्वेग एजथुर्वेपथुष्टे । महांस्त्वेन्द्रो रक्षत्यप्रमादम् । सा नो भूमे प्र रोचय हिरण्यस्येव संदृशि मा नो द्विक्षत कश्चन ॥ १८॥

    Salutations to mother earth! great is this place where we stand together (i.e. live together); mighty is the force present in it, which controls its great speed of movement and shaking, great is the god indra who protects her with vigilence (day and night), (in this great meeting place enveloped by divine powers) may she the bhoomi (earth), make us lustrous like gold so that we do not see anyone with the attitude of hatred. ।। 18 ।।