1. 5

    यस्यां पूर्वे पूर्वजना विचक्रिरे यस्यां देवा असुरानभ्यवर्तयन् । गवामश्वानां वयसश्च विष्ठा भगं वर्चः पृथिवी नो दधातु ॥ ५॥

    Salutations to mother earth! in her our forefathers lived and performed (their activities) in earlier times; in her the devas (the good forces) overturned the asuras (the evil forces) (since earlier times), in her lived the cows, horses, birds (and other animals in earlier times); may she, the mother earth, bestow on us prosperity and splendour. ।। 5 ।।