1. 16

    ता नः प्रजाः सं दुहतां समग्रा वाचो मधु पृथिवी धेहि मह्यम् ॥ १६॥

    Salutations to mother earth! (the essence of immortality pervades in you) may we, your children (be able to) together milk the ritam (divine order) present everywhere in you. O mother earth, by absorbing (i.e., understanding) the great honeyed speech (vedic mantras). ।। 16 ।।

  2. 17

    विश्वस्वं मातरमोषधीनां ध्रुवां भूमि पृथिवीं धर्मणा घृताम् । शिवां स्योनामनु चरेम विश्वहा ॥ १७॥

    Salutations to mother earth! the herbs (plants) which are like mothers of the world (who sustains us) grows on the immovable earth (bhoomi); the earth which is held by dharma, and in which auspiciousness gently pervades throughout the world. ।। 17 ।।

  3. 18

    महत्सधस्थं महती बभूविथ महान्वेग एजथुर्वेपथुष्टे । महांस्त्वेन्द्रो रक्षत्यप्रमादम् । सा नो भूमे प्र रोचय हिरण्यस्येव संदृशि मा नो द्विक्षत कश्चन ॥ १८॥

    Salutations to mother earth! great is this place where we stand together (i.e. live together); mighty is the force present in it, which controls its great speed of movement and shaking, great is the god indra who protects her with vigilence (day and night), (in this great meeting place enveloped by divine powers) may she the bhoomi (earth), make us lustrous like gold so that we do not see anyone with the attitude of hatred. ।। 18 ।।