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    सत्यं बृहदृतमुग्रं दीक्षा तपो ब्रह्म यज्ञः पृथिवीं धारयन्ति । सा नो भूतस्य भव्यस्य पत्युरुं लोकं पृथिवी नः कृणोतु ॥ १॥

    Salutations to mother earth! the truth (satyam), the cosmic divine law (ritam), the spiritual passion manifested in mighty initiations, penances and self dedications to the search of brahman (by the sages); these have sustained the mother earth for ages (who in turn have supported these in her bosom), she, who is to us the consort of the past and the future (being its witness), may she expand our inner life in this world towards the cosmic life (through her purity and vastness). ।। 1 ।।