1. 6

    ओङ्काराङ्गणदीपिकां उपनिषत्प्रासादपारावतीम् आम्नायाम्बुधिचन्द्रिकां अधतमःप्रध्वंसहंसप्रभाम् । काञ्चीपट्टणपञ्जराऽऽन्तरशुकीं कारुण्यकल्लोलिनीं कामाक्षीं शिवकामराजमहिषीं वन्दे महेशप्रियाम् ॥ ६॥

    (Salutations to devi Kamakshi) who is like a lamp of Omkara in the courtyard of the palace of the upanishads situated on the mountains (alluding to devi Parvati incarnating on the mountains in the palace of Himavan). who is the illumination behind the four sacred texts (four Vedas) destroying even the most evil sins and revealing the light of the hamsa (the universal soul) within, who is like a parrot caged within the city of Kanchi from whom is surging out the waves of compassion, who is the queen of Sri Shiva; that Shiva who is the master of Kama (desire); we extol devi Kamakshi, the beloved of Sri Mahesha.