1. 11

    गिरयस्ते पर्वता हिमवन्तोऽरण्यं ते पृथिवि स्योनमस्तु । बभ्रु कृष्णां रोहिणीं विश्वरूपां ध्रुवां भूमि पृथिवीमिन्द्रगुप्ताम् । अजीतेऽहतो अक्षतोऽध्यष्ठां पृथिवीमहम् ॥ ११॥

    Salutations to mother earth! O mother earth, may your hills and snow-clad mountains (spread its coolness within us); may your forests spread its delight within us, you present a vishwarupa with your many colours - Babhru (brown) (of mountains), Krishna (blue) (of rivers), Rohini (red) (of flowers); (but behind all these enchanting appearances) O mother earth, you are like Dhruva-firm and immovable; and you are protected by Indra, (on your firm foundation) which is unconquered, unslayed and unbroken whole, I stand firm (and whole, O mother). ।। 11 ।।