1. 12

    यत्ते मध्यं पृथिवि यच्च नभ्यं यास्त ऊर्जस्तन्वः संबभूवुः । तासु नो धेह्यभि नः पवस्व माता भूमिः पुत्रो अहं पृथिव्याः । पर्जन्यः पिता स उ नः पिपर्तु ॥ १२॥

    Salutations to mother earth! in your center, O mother earth, is your navel from which the vital power emanates and spreads out, absorb us in that power and purify us, O bhoomi mata, i am the son of mother earth, parjanya (rain god) is my father, may he fill us (with the vital power in water). ।। 12 ।।