1. 9

    मायामादिम्कारणं त्रिजगतां आराधिताङ्घ्रिद्वयाम् आनन्दामृतवारिराशिनिलयां विद्यां विपश्चिद्धियाम् । मायामानुषरूपिणीं मणिलसन्मध्यां महामातृकां कामाक्षीं करिराजमन्दगमनां वन्दे महेशप्रियाम् ॥ ९॥

    (Salutations to devi Kamakshi) who is the primordial cause of maya and whose pair of feet is worshipped in all the three worlds, who is the abode of the nectar of bliss within, the supreme knowledge of pure consciousness on whom the learned meditates, who is the great mother appearing as human being by her power of Maya, though always shining as pure consciousness like the radiance within a gem, whose movement is gentle like the king of elephants; we extol devi Kamakshi, the beloved of Sri Mahesha.