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    कान्ता कामदुघा करीन्द्रगमना कामारिवामाङ्कगा कल्याणी कलितावतारसुभगा कस्तूरिकाचर्चिता कम्पातीररसालमूलनिलया कारुण्यकल्लोलिनी कल्याणानि करोतु मे भगवती काञ्चीपुरीदेवता ॥ १०॥

    (Salutations to devi Kamakshi) who is the beloved of the devotees and like a milch-cow fulfills their wishes; whose movement is like the king of elephants, and who share the left half of the body of Sri Shiva, who is the bestower of auspiciousness, incarnated in a divine auspicious body Smeared with the perfume of Kasturi, who abiding in the banks of the Kampa river under a mango tree (aamra), surges forth her compassion, (devi Parvati meditated on Sri Shiva on the banks of the Kampa river at Kanchipuram) please make my life happy and prosperous, O divine goddess of Kanchipuram.