1. 3

    ऐं क्लीं सौरिति यां वदन्ति मुनयस्तत्त्वार्थरूपां परां वाचां आदिमकारणं हृदि सदा ध्यायन्ति यां योगिनः । बालां फालविलोचनां नवजपावर्णां सुषुम्नाश्रितां कामाक्षीं कलितावतंससुभगां वन्दे महेशप्रियाम् ॥ ३॥

    (Salutations to devi Kamakshi) whose transcendental absolute form is expressed by the great Sages with the beeja mantras “aim Klim Sauh”, who is the primordial cause of the speech itself, and who is meditated upon by the Yogis in the cave of their hearts, who is worshipped in the form of Bala Tripurasundari (form of a small girl) who is having an eye on her forehead and having the colour of fresh hibiscus flower; she dwells in the Sushumna, who is adorned with garlands and brings good fortune to all; we extol devi Kamakshi, the beloved of Sri Mahesha.