1. 14

    बाल्यादिष्वपि जाग्रदादिषु तथा सर्वास्ववस्थास्वपि व्यावृत्तास्वनुवर्तमानमहमित्यन्तः स्फुरन्तं सदा । स्वात्मानं प्रकटीकरोति भजतां यो मुद्रया भद्रया तस्मै श्रीगुरुमूर्तये नम इदं श्रीदक्षिणामूर्तये ॥ ७॥

    He, who, through the auspicious sign of knowledge (jnana-mudra). reveals to his devotees Him own Self- which persists in all stages of age (childhood, boyhood, youth and old age), in all states (waking. dreaming and deep-sleep) and in all other conditions- and who constantly manifests Himself inwardly as "I"... to Him, the divine teacher, Sri Dakshinamurthy, is the prostration.