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    कस्तूरिका कुङ्कुमचर्चितायै चितारजःपुञ्जविचर्चिताय । कृतस्मरायै विकृतस्मराय नमः शिवायै च नमः शिवाय ॥ २॥

    I bow to the form The side of Goddess Parvathi is smeared with Kasturi's scents (Kasturi musk) and other Kumkumas. While the half of God Shiva is smeared with the Chitha Bhasma (ashes from the funeral pyre) The form that's with splendid looks (with adorned jewels and clothes) on the side of Parvati and with the dreadful looks (due to elephant skin, tiger skin, and serpents) on the side of Shiva I bow to you, Goddess Parvathi and God Shiva in the form of Ardhanareeswara ।। 2 ।।