1. 271

    ग्रामेष्वपि च ये के चिच्चौराणां भक्तदायकाः । भाण्डावकाशदाश्चैव सर्वांस्तानपि घातयेत् ॥ २७१ ॥

    All those also who in villages give food to thieves or grant them room for (concealing their implements), he shall cause to be put to death.

  2. 272

    राष्ट्रेषु रक्षाधिकृतान् सामन्तांश्चैव चोदितान् । अभ्याघातेषु मध्यस्थाञ् शिष्याच्चौरानिव द्रुतम् ॥ २७२ ॥

    Those who are appointed to guard provinces and his vassals who have been ordered (to help), he shall speedily punish like thieves, (if they remain) inactive in attacks (by robbers).

  3. 273

    यश्चापि धर्मसमयात् प्रच्युतो धर्मजीवनः । दण्डेनैव तमप्योषेत् स्वकाद् धर्माद् हि विच्युतम् ॥ २७३ ॥

    Moreover if (a man), who subsists by (the fulfilment of) the law, departs from the established rule of the law, the (king) shall severely punish him by a fine, (because he) violated his duty.

  4. 274

    ग्रामघाते हिताभङ्गे पथि मोषाभिदर्शने । शक्तितो नाभिधावन्तो निर्वास्याः सपरिच्छदाः ॥ २७४ ॥

    Those who do not give assistance according to their ability when a village is being plundered, a dyke is being destroyed, or a highway robbery committed, shall be banished with their goods and chattels.

  5. 275

    राज्ञः कोशापहर्तॄंश्च प्रतिकूलेषु च स्थितान् । घातयेद् विविधैर्दण्डैररीणां चोपजापकान् ॥ २७५ ॥

    On those who rob the king’s treasury and those who persevere in opposing (his commands), he shall inflict various kinds of capital punishment, likewise on those who conspire with his enemies.