1. 276

    सन्धिं छित्त्वा तु ये चौर्यं रात्रौ कुर्वन्ति तस्कराः । तेषां छित्त्वा नृपो हस्तौ तीक्ष्णे शूले निवेशयेत् ॥ २७६ ॥

    But the king shall cut off the hands of those robbers who, breaking into houses, commit thefts at night, and cause them to be impaled on a pointed stake.

  2. 277

    अङ्गुलीर्ग्रन्थिभेदस्य छेदयेत् प्रथमे ग्रहे । द्वितीये हस्तचरणौ तृतीये वधमर्हति ॥ २७७ ॥

    On the first conviction, let him cause two fingers of a cut-purse to be amputated; on the second, one hand and one foot; on the third, he shall suffer death.

  3. 278

    अग्निदान् भक्तदांश्चैव तथा शस्त्रावकाशदान् । संनिधातॄंश्च मोषस्य हन्याच्चौरमिवेश्वरः ॥ २७८ ॥

    Those who give (to thieves) fire, food, arms, or shelter, and receivers of stolen goods, the ruler shall punish like thieves.

  4. 279

    तडागभेदकं हन्यादप्सु शुद्धवधेन वा । यद् वाऽपि प्रतिसंस्कुर्याद् दाप्यस्तूत्तमसाहसम् ॥ २७९ ॥

    Him who breaks (the dam of) a tank he shall slay (by drowning him) in water or by (some other) (mode of) capital punishment; or the offender may repair the (damage), but shall be made to pay the highest amercement.

  5. 280

    कोष्ठागारायुधागारदेवतागारभेदकान् । हस्त्यश्वरथहर्तॄंश्च हन्यादेवाविचारयन् ॥ २८० ॥

    Those who break into a (royal) storehouse, an armoury, or a temple, and those who steal elephants, horses, or chariots, he shall slay without hesitation.