1. 266

    एवंविधान्नृपो देशान् गुल्मैः स्थावरजङ्गमैः । तस्करप्रतिषेधार्थं चारैश्चाप्यनुचारयेत् ॥ २६६ ॥

    These and the like places the king shall cause to be guarded by companies of soldiers, both stationary and patrolling, and by spies, in order to keep away thieves.

  2. 267

    तत्सहायैरनुगतैर्नानाकर्मप्रवेदिभिः । विद्यादुत्सादयेच्चैव निपुणैः पूर्वतस्करैः ॥ २६७ ॥

    By the means of clever reformed thieves, who associate with such (rogues), follow them and know their various machinations, he must detect and destroy them.

  3. 268

    भक्ष्यभोज्योपदेशैश्च ब्राह्मणानां च दर्शनैः । शौर्यकर्मापदेशैश्च कुर्युस्तेषां समागमम् ॥ २६८ ॥

    Under the pretext of (offering them) various dainties, of introducing them to Brahmanas, and on the pretence of (showing them) feats of strength, the (spies) must make them meet (the officers of justice).

  4. 269

    ये तत्र नोपसर्पेयुर्मूलप्रणिहिताश्च ये । तान् प्रसह्य नृपो हन्यात् समित्रज्ञातिबान्धवान् ॥ २६९ ॥

    Those among them who do not come, and those who suspect the old (thieves employed by the king), the king shall attack by force and slay together with their friends, blood relations, and connexions.

  5. 270

    न होढेन विना चौरं घातयेद् धार्मिको नृपः । सहोढं सोपकरणं घातयेदविचारयन् ॥ २७० ॥

    A just king shall not cause a thief to be put to death, (unless taken) with the stolen goods (in his possession); him who (is taken) with the stolen goods and the implements (of burglary), he may, without hesitation, cause to be slain.