1. 156

    भृतकाध्यापको यश्च भृतकाध्यापितस्तथा । शूद्रशिष्यो गुरुश्चैव वाग्दुष्टः कुण्डगोलकौ ॥ १५६ ॥

    He who teaches for a stipulated fee and he who is taught on that condition, he who instructs Sudra pupils and he whose teacher is a Sudra, he who speaks rudely, the son of an adulteress, and the son of a widow,

  2. 157

    अकारणे परित्यक्ता मातापित्रोर्गुरोस्तथा । ब्राह्मैर्यौनैश्च सम्बन्धैः संयोगं पतितैर्गतः ॥ १५७ ॥

    He who forsakes his mother, his father, or a teacher without a (sufficient) reason, he who has contracted an alliance with outcasts either through the Veda or through a marriage,

  3. 158

    अगारदाही गरदः कुण्डाशी सोमविक्रयी । समुद्रयायी बन्दी च तैलिकः कूटकारकः ॥ १५८ ॥

    An incendiary, a prisoner, he who eats the food given by the son of an adulteress, a seller of Soma, he who undertakes voyages by sea, a bard, an oil-man, a suborner to perjury,

  4. 159

    पित्रा विवदमानश्च कितवो मद्यपस्तथा । पापरोग्यभिशस्तश्च दाम्भिको रसविक्रयी ॥ १५९ ॥

    He who wrangles or goes to law with his father, the keeper of a gambling-house, a drunkard, he who is afflicted with a disease (in punishment of former) crimes, he who is accused of a mortal sin, a hypocrite, a seller of substances used for flavouring food,

  5. 160

    धनुःशराणां कर्ता च यश्चाग्रेदिधिषूपतिः । मित्रध्रुग् द्यूतवृत्तिश्च पुत्राचार्यस्तथैव च ॥ १६० ॥

    A maker of bows and of arrows, he who lasciviously dallies with a brother’s widow, the betrayer of a friend, one who subsists by gambling, he who learns (the Veda) from his son,