1. 151

    जटिलं चानधीयानं दुर्बालं कितवं तथा । याजयन्ति च ये पूगांस्तांश्च श्राद्धे न भोजयेत् ॥ १५१ ॥

    Let him not entertain at a Sraddha one who wears his hair in braids (a student), one who has not studied (the Veda), one afflicted with a skin-disease, a gambler, nor those who sacrifice for a multitude (of sacrificers).

  2. 152

    चिकित्सकान् देवलकान् मांसविक्रयिणस्तथा । विपणेन च जीवन्तो वर्ज्याः स्युर्हव्यकव्ययोः ॥ १५२ ॥

    Physicians, temple-priests, sellers of meat, and those who subsist by shop-keeping must be avoided at sacrifices offered to the gods and to the manes.

  3. 153

    प्रेष्यो ग्रामस्य राज्ञश्च कुनखी श्यावदन्तकः । प्रतिरोद्धा गुरोश्चैव त्यक्ताग्निर्वार्धुषिस्तथा ॥ १५३ ॥

    A paid servant of a village or of a king, man with deformed nails or black teeth, one who opposes his teacher, one who has forsaken the sacred fire, and a usurer;

  4. 154

    यक्ष्मी च पशुपालश्च परिवेत्ता निराकृतिः । ब्रह्मद्विष्परिवित्तिश्च गणाभ्यन्तर एव च ॥ १५४ ॥

    One suffering from consumption, one who subsists by tending cattle, a younger brother who marries or kindles the sacred fire before the elder, one who neglects the five great sacrifices, an enemy of the Brahmana race, an elder brother who marries or kindles the sacred fire after the younger, and one who belongs to a company or corporation,

  5. 155

    कुशीलवोऽवकीर्णी च वृषलीपतिरेव च । पौनर्भवश्च काणश्च यस्य चौपपतिर्गृहे ॥ १५५ ॥

    An actor or singer, one who has broken the vow of studentship, one whose (only or first) wife is a Sudra female, the son of a remarried woman, a one-eyed man, and he in whose house a paramour of his wife (resides);