1. 161

    भ्रामरी गन्डमाली च श्वित्र्यथो पिशुनस्तथा । उन्मत्तोऽन्धश्च वर्ज्याः स्युर्वेदनिन्दक एव च ॥ १६१ ॥

    An epileptic man, who suffers from scrofulous swellings of the glands, one afflicted with white leprosy, an informer, a madman, a blind man, and he who cavils at the Veda must (all) be avoided.

  2. 162

    हस्तिगोऽश्वौष्ट्रदमको नक्षत्रैर्यश्च जीवति । पक्षिणां पोषको यश्च युद्धाचार्यस्तथैव च ॥ १६२ ॥

    A trainer of elephants, oxen, horses, or camels, he who subsists by astrology, a bird-fancier, and he who teaches the use of arms,

  3. 163

    स्रोतसां भेदको यश्च तेषां चावरणे रतः । गृहसंवेशको दूतो वृक्षारोपक एव च ॥ १६३ ॥

    He who diverts water-courses, and he who delights in obstructing them, an architect, a messenger, and he who plants trees (for money),

  4. 164

    श्वक्रीडी श्येनजीवी च कन्यादूषक एव च । हिंस्रो वृषलवृत्तिश्च गणानां चैव याजकः ॥ १६४ ॥

    A breeder of sporting-dogs, a falconer, one who defiles maidens, he who delights in injuring living creatures, he who gains his subsistence from Sudras, and he who offers sacrifices to the Ganas,

  5. 165

    आचारहीनः क्लीबश्च नित्यं याचनकस्तथा । कृषिजीवी श्लीपदी च सद्भिर्निन्दित एव च ॥ १६५ ॥

    He who does not follow the rule of conduct, a (man destitute of energy like a) eunuch, one who constantly asks (for favours), he who lives by agriculture, a club-footed man, and he who is censured by virtuous men,