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    कल्पानोकहपुष्पजालविलसन्नीलालकां मातृकां कान्तां कञ्जदलेक्षणां कलिमलप्रध्वंसिनीं कालिकाम् । काञ्चीनूपुरहारदामसुभगां काञ्चीपुरीनायिकां कामाक्षीं करिकुम्भसन्निभकुचां वन्दे महेशप्रियाम् ॥ १॥

    (Salutations to devi Kamakshi) who is like the flowers of the wish-fulfilling tree (Kalpataru) shining brightly, with dark locks of hair, and seated as the great mother, who is beautiful with eyes like the lotus petals, and at the same time terrible in the form of devi Kalika, the destroyer of the sins of Kali-Yuga, who is beautifully adorned with girdles, anklets, garlands and wreath, and brings good fortune to all as the goddess of Kanchi puri, whose bosom is beautiful like the forehead of an elephant and is filled with compassion; we extol devi Kamakshi, the beloved of Sri Mahesha.