1. 11

    जगदम्ब विचित्रमत्र किं परिपूर्णा करुणास्ति चेन्मयि । अपराधपरम्परापरं न हि माता समुपेक्षते सुतम् ॥११॥

    O Jagadamba (mother of the universe), what is surprising in this! the graceful compassion of the (blissful) mother always remains fully filled, (because) inspite of the son committing mistakes after mistakes, the mother never abandons the son.

  2. 12

    मत्समः पातकी नास्ति पापघ्नी त्वत्समा न हि । एवं ज्ञात्वा महादेवि यथायोग्यं तथा कुरु ॥१२॥

    (O Mother) there is no one as fallen like me, and there is no one as uplifting (by removing sins) like you, considering thus, O Mahadevi, please do whatever is proper (to save me).