1. 8

    न जाग्रन्न मे स्वप्नको वा सुषुप्ति र्न विश्वो न वा तैजसः प्राज्ञको वा। अविद्यात्मकत्वात्त्रयाणां तुरीय स्तदेकोऽवशिष्टः शिवः केवलोऽहम् ॥ ८॥

    Neither the state of waking, Nor the state of dream, Nor the state of deep sleep is for me, Neither the earthy feelings, Nor the glorified feelings of dreams, Nor the feeling of wakefulness in sleep am I, For these are the souls of avidya, And I am the fourth , the thureeya, which is beyond these, So I am simply Shiva the self, For this remains even in sleep, After everything is taken out.