1. 4

    न सांख्यं न शैवं न तत्पाञ्चरात्रं न जैनं न मीमांसकादेर्मतं वा। विशिष्टानुभूत्या विशुद्धात्मकत्वा त्तदेकोऽवशिष्टः शिवः केवलोऽहम् ॥ ४॥

    Neither the Sankhya principle, Nor the doctrine of Shaiva, Not the principle of pancha rathra, Nor the doctrine of Jainas, Nor the principle of Meemasa, Are Unique experiences, For the soul is the purest known truth., So I am simply Shiva the self, For this remains even in sleep, After everything is taken out.