1. 12

    त्वमर्कस्त्वमग्निस्त्वमिन्दुस्त्वमाप- स्त्वमाकाशभूर्वायवस्त्वं चिदात्मा । त्वदन्यो न कश्चित्प्रकाशोऽस्ति सूर्व सदानन्दसंवित्स्वरूपं तवेदम् ॥ १२॥

    I worship you. You are of the form of blissful knowledge. There is none else in the universe superior to you. You are the sun, the moon, the fire, the water, the sky, the earth, the wind and the mahat. Here the Goddess is conceived as aúûamürti-eight forms as the lord of the principles. ।। 12 ।।