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    षडाधारपङ्केरुहान्तर्विराजत् सुषुम्नान्तरालेऽतितेजोल्लसन्तीम् । सुधामण्डलं द्रावयन्तीं पिबन्तीं सुधामूर्तिमीडेऽचिदानन्दरूपाम् ॥ १॥

    I bow to that embodiment of ambrosia which is Consciousness and Bliss incarnate. It melts the orb of the moon and drinks(the moon-light). It shines with its profuse lustre inside the Sushumná located in the lotus of shadádhaára. Sushumná : a vein of the body supposed to be one of the passages for the breathe. Shadádhára: one of the mystical circles in the body. ।। 1 ।।