1. 3

    योगानन्दकरी रिपुक्षयकरी धर्मार्थनिष्ठाकरी चन्द्रार्कानलभासमानलहरी त्रैलोक्यरक्षाकरी । सर्वैश्वर्यसमस्तवाञ्छितकरी काशीपुराधीश्वरी भिक्षां देहि कृपावलम्बनकरी माताऽन्नपूर्णेश्वरी ॥ ३॥

    Oh! Mother Annapurna! the renderer of the support of compassion, the giver of happiness obtainable through yoga, the destroyer of the enemies, the cause of (men) getting deep-rooted in righteousness, the possessor of the waves of splendour of the three worlds, the donors of all riches, the bestower of the fruits of penance, and the presiding deity of Kasi, (thou) grant us alms. ।। 3 ।।