1. 116

    वृषभैकादशा गाश्च दद्यात् सुचरितव्रतः । अविद्यमाने सर्वस्वं वेदविद्भ्यो निवेदयेत् ॥ ११६ ॥

    But after he has fully performed the penance, he must give to (Brahmanas) learned in the Veda ten cows and a bull, (or) if he does not possess (so much property) he must offer to them all he has.

  2. 117

    एतदेव व्रतं कुर्युरुपपातकिनो द्विजाः । अवकीर्णिवर्ज्यं शुद्ध्यर्थं चान्द्रायणमथापि वा ॥ ११७ ॥

    Twice-born men who have committed (other) minor offences (Upapataka), except a student who has broken his vow (Avakirnin), may perform, in order to purify themselves, the same penance or also a lunar penance.

  3. 118

    अवकीर्णी तु काणेन गर्दभेन चतुष्पथे । पाकयज्ञविधानेन यजेत निरृतिं निशि ॥ ११८ ॥

    But a student who has broken his vow shall offer at night on a crossway to Nirriti a one-eyed ass, according to the rule of the Pakayagnas.

  4. 119

    हुत्वाऽग्नौ विधिवद् होमानन्ततश्च समित्यृचा । वातेन्द्रगुरुवह्नीनां जुहुयात् सर्पिषाऽहुतीः ॥ ११९ ॥

    Having offered according to the rule oblations in the fire, he shall finally offer (four) oblations of clarified butter to Vata, to Indra, to the teacher (of the gods, Brihaspati) and to Agni, reciting the Rik verse ’May the Maruts grant me,’&c.

  5. 120

    कामतो रेतसः सेकं व्रतस्थस्य द्विजन्मनः । अतिक्रमं व्रतस्याहुर्धर्मज्ञा ब्रह्मवादिनः ॥ १२० ॥

    Those who know the Veda declare that a voluntary effusion of semen by a twice-born (youth) who fulfils the vow (of studentship constitutes) a breach of that vow.