1. 4

    गङ्गातीरमनुत्तमं हि सकलं तत्रापि काश्युत्तमा तस्यां सा मणिकर्णिकोत्तमतमा येत्रेश्वरो मुक्तिदः । देवानामपि दुर्लभं स्थलमिदं पापौघनाशक्षमं पूर्वोपार्जितपुण्यपुञ्जगमकं पुण्यैर्जनैः प्राप्यते ॥ ४ ॥

    The banks of Ganga are incomparable and everything is there, and there in the great Benares, The Manikarnika is the best among the best as Lord Shiva grants salvation there, And this place is difficult for even Devas to get as all sins are destroyed there, And it can be attained only due to blessed deeds of previous births and People get blessings there. ॥ 4 ॥