1. 2

    इन्द्राद्यास्त्रिदशाः पतन्ति नियतं भोगक्षये ये पुन- र्जायन्ते मनुजास्ततोपि पशवः कीटाः पतङ्गादयः । ये मातर्मणिकर्णिके तव जले मज्जन्ति निष्कल्मषाः सायुज्येऽपि किरीटकौस्तुभधरा नारायणाः स्युर्नराः ॥ २ ॥

    Indra and other devas try to climb up but even they, After they exhaust the result of blessed deeds are born as, A human being or as a worm and Oh Mother Manikarnika, Those beings who bathe in your sacred waters are free from any stain, And would assume the form Of salvation of lord Narayana, Wearing a crown and the gem called Kausthubha. ॥ 2 ॥