One of the biggest strengths of our platform is our web native reader for Hindu scriptures. The reader has an ever-growing list of tools to assist the user. Some of these tools have also been designed to complement research. Let’s look at the various tools the reader provides

  1. Chapter navigation

    Chapter Navigation can be accessed on the left pane on the desktop, or by clicking on hamburger menu on mobile devices. It gives an overview of all the chapters. Clicking on any chapter quickly takes the user to that chapter.

  2. The Progress Bar

    The progress bar at the top of the page provides a brief view on how much of the scripture has been covered when arriving at a certain chapter or verse. Chapters vary in sizes, some are relatively quite small while some hold many verses. The progress bar provides an easy visual representation of how much more has to be covered.

  3. Verse Cards

    Verse cards are the foundational structures on which a verse is displayed. We enlarge the Sanskrit texts to enhance the readability. The verse cards also come with toggles that serve various purposes.

    1. The Heart toggle - The heart icon is used to bookmark a verse or add it to your favourites. These verses are available on user’s profile.
    2. The Speech Toggle - [Pro Tier] - The speech toggle uses advanced text to speech capability from Google to ‘recite’ verses. It helps the reader to understand the nuances of reading scriptures with proper pronunciation.
    3. Verse view toggle - The verse view toggle takes the user to the specific verse. The URL in this view can be used across any social media or research platform to directly view the aforementioned verse and quote/cite it.
    4. Link to verse toggle - This toggle is used to copy the URL to a verse. This link can be used to access the specific verse from anywhere. It is the same URL that a user views when clicking and navigating via the verse view toggle.
    5. Copy verse toggle - This toggle can be used to quickly copy a verse with its direct link, Sanskrit original as well as the English translation.
  4. Reader toolbox

    The reader toolbox on the right is designed to enhance the reading experience by enabling / disabling certain features of the reader.

    1. Verse navigator - The verse navigator can be used to quickly navigate inside the chapter to any verses contained in it.
    2. View transliteration toggle - View or hide the English transliterations below a Sanskrit text in verse cards.
    3. View translation toggle - View or hide the translations visible in verse cards.
    4. View chapters toggle - View or hide the chapters list
    5. Verse toggles - Hide or view the toggles on verse cards. This can be used to make verse cards cleaner and more intuitive.
    6. Font size toggle - The font size toggle can be used to increase or decrease the size of text across the entire interface.
    7. Switch context toggle - This is useful when you want to view English transliterations before the Sanskrit originals.
    8. Google translation toggle - [Pro Tier] - View Google translations in the languages we do not provide a translation.
    9. Reset toggle - Reset the reader customisations to their base state.
    10. More languages buttons - The buttons can be used to add or remove languages present in the verse cards. The number of languages that can be added depend on the subscription tier of the user.