1. 13

    यस्यां वेदिं परिगृह्णन्ति भूम्यां यस्यां यज्ञं तन्वते विश्वकर्माणः । यस्यां मीयन्ते स्वरवः पृथिव्यामूर्ध्वाः शुक्रा आहुत्याः पुरस्तात् । सा नो भूमिर्वर्धयद्वर्धमाना ॥ १३॥

    Salutations to mother earth! in her, bhoomi (ground) has spread herself as the sacrificial altar; in her, all the activities of the world has spread themselves as yagya, in her, from the beginning, the sounds (of activities) of the world (resembling the chants of yagya) during oblations rises up and disappears in the purifying upper layers (symbolically purifying the workers), may the expansion (expanding space) provided by the earth, expand (our inner selves also). ।। 13 ।।