1. 8

    प्रदीप्तरत्नोज्ज्वल कुण्डलायै स्फुरन्महापन्नगभूषणाय शिवान्वितायै च शिवान्विताय नमः शिवायै च नमः शिवाय ॥ ८॥

    I bow to the form Of which the Parvathi's form is looking resplendent with the precious gem studded earrings And the form of God Shiva is looking great wearing the great serpents as his ornaments O the one who united with Shiva (Goddess Parvathi) and the one who united with Shivaa (God Shiva) I bow to you, Goddess Parvathi and God Shiva in the form of Ardhanareeswara ।। 8 ।।