1. 8

    कुञ्चितैः कुन्तलैर्भाजमानाननं रत्नमौलिं लसत्कुण्डलं गण्डयोः । हारकेयूरकं कङ्कणप्रोज्ज्वलं किङ्किणीमञ्जुलं श्यामलं तं भजे ॥ ८॥

    I sing praise of that Shyam, whose face is adorned by falling locks of curly tresses, who has jewels are forehead, who has shiny earrings on the cheeks, who is adorned with a garland of the Keyur flower, who has a shiny bracelet, and who has a melodious anklet. ।। 8 ।।