1. 26

    महत्या कुथयास्तीर्णां पृथिवीलक्षणाङ्कया | पृथिवीमिव विस्तीर्णां सराष्ट्रगृहमालिनीम् || ५-९-२६

    The floor was covered with a wide carpet spread from wall to wall with designs of different murals of many places and houses drawn in a row (garland like). The big carpet appeared like the expanse of earth itself. [5-9-26]

  2. 27

    नादितां मत्तविहगैर्दिव्यगन्धाधिवासिताम् | परार्ध्यास्तरणोपेतां रक्षोधिपनिषेविताम् || ५-९-२७

    The mansion was resounding with the noise of birds singing in heat. It had wonderful fragrance. It was laid with exquisite tapestries and served as a dwelling place for the king of demons. [5-9-27]

  3. 28

    धूम्रामगरुधूपेन विमलां हंसपाण्डुराम् | चित्रां पुष्पोपहारेण कल्माषीमिव सुप्रभाम् || ५-९-२८

    It was smoky with fumes of agaru incence though spotless like a swan. It was colourful and radiant like Kamadhenu, the wish fulfilling cow, because of the offering of flowers. [5-9-28]

  4. 29

    मनस्संह्लादजननीं वर्णस्यापि प्रसादिनीम् | तां शोकनाशिनीं दिव्यां श्रियः सञ्जननीमिव || ५-९-२९

    (The mansion) was so full of effulgence and soul ravishing that it served as an adornment even to splendour. It looked as though it banished all sorrow and was a source of prosperity. [5-9-29]

  5. 30

    इन्द्रियाणीन्द्रियार्थैस्तु पञ्च पञ्चभिरुत्तमैः | तर्पयामास मातेव तदा रावणपालिता || ५-९-३०

    The chamber of Ravana, like a mother, gratified all the five senses of Hanuman with proper objects of the senses. [5-9-30]