1. 6

    महीतले स्वर्गमिव प्रकीर्णं श्रिया ज्वलन्तं बहुरत्नकीर्णम् | नानातरूणां कुसुमावकीर्णं गिरेरिवाग्रं रजसावकीर्णम् || ५-७-६

    It appeared splendid like a scattered piece of heaven on earth, glittering with countless gems. It looked like a mountain peak covered with pollen of flowers dropped from all kinds of trees. [5-7-6]

  2. 7

    नारीप्रवेकैरिव दीप्यमानं तटिद्भिरम्भोदवदर्च्यमानम् | हंसप्रवेकैरिव वाह्यमानं श्रिया युतं खे सुकृतां विमानम् || ५-७-७

    The aerial chariot was lit up by resplendent women just as a raincloud dazzles with flashes of lightning. It was auspicious, worthy of worship. It looked as if it was drawn by royal swans in the sky. [5-7-7]

  3. 8

    यथा नगाग्रं बहुधातुचित्रं यथा नभश्च ग्रहचन्द्रचित्रम् | ददर्शयुक्तीकृतमेघचित्रं विमानरत्नं बहुरत्नचित्रम् || ५-७-८

    A jewel among aerial chariots, it looked colourful with many gems beset. It appeared like the summit of a mountain decorated with the colours of minerals, like the sky bespangled with planets and the Moon and like a mass of multicoloured clouds adorned by a rainbow. [5-7-8]

  4. 9

    मही कृता पर्वतराजिपूर्णा शैलाः कृता वृक्षवितानपूर्णाः | वृक्षाः कृताः पुष्पवितानपूर्णाः पुष्पं कृतं केसरपत्रपूर्णम् || ५-७-९

    The whole earth had been picturised on it. It was filled with rows of mountains and a canopy of trees all over. The trees were filled with lovely flowers with petals and filaments drawn on them. [5-7-9]

  5. 10

    कृतानि वेश्मानि च पाण्डुराणि तथा सुपुष्पाण्यपि पुष्कराणि | पुनश्च पद्मानि सकेसराणि धन्यानि चित्राणि तथा वनानि || ५-७-१०

    There were pictures of mansions white in colour and pools of crystalclear water filled with lovely flowers. There were pictures of beautiful lotuses drawn on it and forest that were the best and wonderful. [5-7-10]