1. 21

    अपि चास्मिन् हते राजन्नान्यं पश्यामि खेचरम् | इह यः पुनरागच्छेत्परं पारं महोदधेः || ५-५२-२१

    'O king If he is killed, I do not see any one who can cross this great ocean and come by air to reach this place. [5-52-21]

  2. 22

    तस्मान्नास्य वधे यत्नः कार्य: परपुरञ्जय | भवान् सेन्द्रेषु देवेषु यत्नमास्थातुमर्हति || ५-५२-२२

    'You who can conquer citadels of enemies should not direct your efforts to kill an envoy. You are fit to make efforts against enemies like gods including Indra. [5-52-22]

  3. 23

    अस्मिन्विनष्टे न हि वीरमन्यं पश्यामि यस्तौ वरराजपुत्रौ | युद्धाय युद्धप्रियदुर्विनीतावुद्योजयेद्धीर्घपथावरुद्धौ || ५-५२-२३

    'O lover of war if Hanuman is slain I do not see any one who can incite those two ill mannered sons of the king who are prevented from reaching this far off land. [5-52-23]

  4. 24

    पराक्रमोत्साहमनस्विनां च सुरासुराणामपि दुर्जयेन | त्वया मनोनन्दन नैतानां युद्धायतिर्नाशयतुं न युक्ता || ५-५२-२४

    'O delighter of demons even the gods and demons who are endowed with valour and energy cannot win you. You are invincible. It is not proper for you to lose chances of a good war. [5-52-24]

  5. 25

    हिताश्च शूराश्च समाहिताश्च कुलेषु जाताश्च महागुणेषु | मनस्विनश्शस्त्रभृतां वरिष्ठाः कोट्यग्रतस्ते सुभृताश्च योधाः || ५-५२-२५

    'You have with you well wishers, courageous ones, who have good qualities born in a good race, who are noble, sensible people, wielders of weapons and well-maintained warriors in crores. [5-52-25]